The thing that every student has to understand is that it is your life. You have a right to speak up and say, “this is the direction I’d like my life to go in…..”

- T.C.... Taken from Voc Rehab Vermont


A Transition Guide For Parents

Created by Nancy Rice and Donna Williams


Your son or daughter is starting a wonderful journey. They have their high school years to prepare for the future. Transition Planning is an essential part of the high school IEP process. You give an invaluable insight into what your son’s or daughter’s strengths and weaknesses are. The IEP team will help you to understand what supports your son or daughter will need to be successful. Your student should become active and participant in school and in the community. Students should have the chance to explore options for their future, so they can make good decisions and choices. They should learn to advocate for themselves and develop the self-advocacy skills necessary to express their needs in school, at work and in the community.