Please note that you should begin looking at summer service needs at the annual IEP meeting.  All summer services must be listed on the service page as Extended Year Services (ESY).  


If your IEP team needs to amend the IEP due to a need for the credit recovery program, please remember to include ESY on the amended service page.


MMU Summer Program

Parent Information Sheet

Dear Parent,

Chittenden East Supervisory Union is holding a summer program for high school students called Camp Connections, which will run for four weeks, from July 8 - August 1, 2013.  The following are the program details:


Students Served: The summer program will serve high school students ages 14 – 22, who have Extended Year Services (ESY) in their IEPs.

Attendance: In order for your student to be successful in their individual four-week program, it is important that they attend the majority of sessions. We understand that there will be planned vacations; please plan accordingly.

Statement of Purpose:  The goal of this program is to provide instruction in the areas of literacy, real-world math, and transition skills with the intention of helping your student maintain their current levels of performance.

Program Location:  Mount Mansfield Union High School and off-campus work sites.

Transportation:  Transportation will be provided for students participating in the summer program.  The route will stop at designated pick up and drop off sites only, not individual door-to-door stops. Transportation arrangements will be shared in early June.

Communication:  A final report will be completed within each academic area describing the skills addressed and the progress made.  A copy of the final progress report will be shared with the student’s special educator in order to promote instructional continuity.


If you wish for your son/daughter to be a part of the summer program, please return the completed permission form to your student’s special educator no later than April 10thWe will follow up with a confirmation letter prior to the end of the school year.